Whether you plan to work with a designer, purchase one of our premade brands from the Brand Shop or want to go total DIY, you’ve decided to create a  new logo/brand design. (Congrats!) But where the hell do you start?! This course will walk you through the essentials of a successful visual brand identity and teach you best (and worst) practices for putting it all to good use.

  • WTF is Branding?! - A High-Level Overview
  • 5 Essential Pieces of a Successful Visual Brand Identity
  • Necessary File Types (& How to Use Them)
  • Best (& Worst) Practices for Using Your Brand Visuals
  • Revealing Your New Logo to the World (Includes a Build-Your-Own Launch Plan Worksheet!)
  • Strengthening Your Brand Identity Through Social Media

You're so ready for a new brand design. Make sure you're doing it right!

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Britt + Kelsey
Britt + Kelsey
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We're Britt + Kelsey of Launch Your Daydream! We provide wedding professionals and creative business owners with a comprehensive one-on-one branding + website design experience, targeted educational tools + a supportive and engaging creative community.