You want amazing content for your biz...
But, do any of these sound like you?

 I'm posting content last minute (or forget to post at all) because I have no idea what to talk about

I feel like I have to make new content all the time for EVERY platform that I use in my biz

 I don't know how to get organized with everything when ideas do happen

We get it. We've been there!

That's why we're going to show you exactly how to put together content, easily schedule it out, and not have to worry about posting every single day.

That's right — your business can keep moving, even when you're napping.

A course for figuring out your content + WTF to do with it!

In this mini-course...

  We'll take you from brainstorming content to scheduling it across social media, your newsletter and even your blog!

  We'll walk (and talk!) you through tools we use like Trello, Mailchimp, Later and Squarespace + Showit blogs right on the screen with us.

  We'll show you ways to share the same content across multiple platforms. That's right — no need to come up with different content for every platform!

Here's what's included!:

Trusted Tools
A step-by-step look at the exact techniques we use to schedule our own content for LYD!

Walk-Through Videos
Short + sweet videos to walk you through tools like Trello, Later, Mailchimp, and blogs on Squarespace + Showit!

Content Ideas
Bonus PDF FULL of content ideas for your biz — and how you can use one piece of content across social media, your newsletter AND your blog!

Britt + Kelsey
Britt + Kelsey
Branding + Website Designers @ Launch Your Daydream

Who are Britt + Kelsey!?

We're Britt + Kelsey of Launch Your Daydream! We provide wedding professionals and creative business owners with a comprehensive one-on-one branding + website design experience, targeted educational tools + a supportive and engaging creative community.

What's included?

6 Videos